“MudFunk, a nine-piece neo-soul/funk

collective, is carving an emotionally charged

path in the city of Vancouver. Led by Adriana

Parejas (vocals) and Will Lloyd (guitar), this

nine-piece force sparked from a friendship at

audio engineering school. Meeting at Pacific

Audio Visual Institute, Will and Adriana

envisioned a modern sound mixed with a soulful

feel. On the heels of their debut EP, the two

discuss the realities of working in a nine-piece

group, the creative process behind MudFunk,

and how their ideas of success have

transformed.”- Zach Grossfield @

Ponderosa Festival // August 2018

Photo taken by Celine Pinget

Guilt and Co. // March 10,2018

@ Photos by Jono Dempsey 

Errington War Memorial Hall // November 25,2017

© Photos by  Dale Drea

The Biltmore Cabaret // September 7,2017

© Photos by  BJ Clayden Photography 

Studio Records // 2016

© Photos by  One Two Productions


Opening for Booker T. Jones @ Vogue Theatre // Victoria Ska Fest // February 13th 2016

© Photos by OneTwo Productions

Ouisi Bistro // Vancouver International Jazz Festival // June 19th 2015

© Photos by Julien-Olivier Jok and Kinta Maeda

Turtle Studios  // June 7, 2015

© Photos by Kaya Malou and Kinta Maeda

Backstage Lounge // June 12, 2015

© Photos by Sarah Stonehocker, Kaya Malou, and Kinta Maeda

The Fox Cabaret  // December 19, 2014

© Photos by Kinta Maeda

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