“MudFunk, a nine-piece neo-soul/funk

collective, is carving an emotionally charged

path in the city of Vancouver. Led by Adriana

Parejas (vocals) and Will Lloyd (guitar), this

nine-piece force sparked from a friendship at

audio engineering school. Meeting at Pacific

Audio Visual Institute, Will and Adriana

envisioned a modern sound mixed with a soulful

feel. On the heels of their debut EP, the two

discuss the realities of working in a nine-piece

group, the creative process behind MudFunk,

and how their ideas of success have

transformed.”- Zach Grossfield @

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The Zulla House - Fundraiser for a "Struggle for Space"

The cause:
Proceeds from the event will go towards the creation of the documentary film A Struggle For Space. The film brings awareness to the lack of space and funds available to working artists in Vancouver. The story follows the inspiring artistic initiatives that are reshaping the city's art scene, and the communities that are helping to support them. This event fosters a critical yet positive conversation around the need for funding and space for the arts in Vancouver.

$25 at the door
$20 when you arrive with your own travel mug/ reusable water bottle :)
$15 when you arrive with a water bottle & a dish to share ♥

Later Event: November 23
Guilt and Co.

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